About Charlotte

Born and raised in Sweden, Charlotte was mentored by her grandfather and fellow painter, Lennart Schultzberg (b. 1908). He started teaching Charlotte plein air (outdoor landscape) painting at age 5. Her grandfather came up with innovative ways of teaching a young child perspective, color theory, and the use different mediums. He taught Charlotte about seeing, listening, and feeling, and how to translate that with paint.

Charlotte and Lennart shared their passion of painting until the end of his life twenty years later. In addition to have been taught painting by her grandfather, Charlotte also broadened her education at an early age by taking a wide variety of art courses at many different institutions. Later on, Charlotte moved to San Francisco to pursue her Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art University (1996-1999) and California College of Arts (2000-2001). In her early to mid twenties, her landscape paintings began to change and gradually morphed into something more abstract and autobiographical with emphasis on color and texture. The work evolved and the focus shifted from representing less of an external reality to visually embodying the emotional realm.


Spending time in Nature,